the yellow rose of valentine

I never celebrate Valentine’s Day as I find it over-commercialized and unfair. Why is it that it’s addressed to couples only? Shouldn’t be in fact a celebration of love, regardless of one’s status, single or not? This is the day when single people feel depressed even if they enjoy their single-ness and it always makes me angry because it became a day of exclusion when it should be one of inclusion. We should celebrate love everyday and maybe, just maybe celebrate it more today – love of self, love of family and friends. To keep in line with the tradition of roses in this day, I painted one – albeit an yellow one – to remind us that love has many colours and many ways to be expressed and felt. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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I recently had the pleasure and the privilege of trying out for the first time some hand-made watercolour paints. I admit of never painting with anything ‘hand-made’ before so I was, hopefully understandable, a bit weary. I am a city girl – born and bred within the concrete, and, as nature-loving as I am, I cannot even begin to fathom how to make my own paints! But an 18-year-old artist from Sheffield did, proudly continuing her grandmother’s tradition of mixing and preparing her own paints. I am literally in awe of what this very young artist achieved – an entire line of watercolour pans with some of the best colours I’ve seen in a long, long time. And the collection keeps growing! So when she contacted me to review her paints, I was more than delighted – and up for the challenge! I didn’t really know what to expect, given that I never painted with hand-made paints before, but I loved the colours that she produced and I was ready! In the pic on the… Read More »PAINTING WITH HONEY